George Robertson, CFP, CRPS, AIF

Retirement Plan Evaluation Form

Fiduciary Responsibilities Yes No Not
1 Are all trustees aware of their fiduciary duties and responsibilities?
2 Have fiduciaries acknowledged their status and responsibilities in writing?
3 Are you aware of the total expenses of your plan, and whether they are appropriate according to applicable laws and regulations given the size of your plan and the level of services received?
4 Has your plan been reviewed by an independent expert within the last three years?
5 Do you have an Investment Policy Statement (IPS)?
6 Does the IPS define the duties and responsibilities of all parties involved?
7 Is the fiduciary following applicable "Safe Harbor" provisions (when elected)?
Investment Selection & Monitoring Yes No Not
8 Does the IPS define due diligence criteria for selecting investment options?
9 Does the IPS define monitoring criteria for investment options and service vendors?
10 Has an appropriate level of investment risk been identified?
11 Is the number of investment options available appropriate for the number of employees and education level of plan participants?
12 Were the investment options available in the plan selected to cover a variety of asset classes and risk parameters?
13 If applicable, is the default investment option a money market fund?
14 Do your investment options regularly outperform the appropriate benchmark index?
Investment Advisor Services Yes No Not
15 Have you received regular service on your 401(k) including regular communication, investment education, and timely resolution of any problems that have arisen?
16 Do you receive quarterly reports detailing plan performance compared to the relevant benchmarks?
17 Are there regular educational meetings for both new and current participants in the plan?
18 Do new and existing employees have the option of talking with the investment advisor to discuss the 401(k) plan?
19 Are trustees kept informed of relevant changes to laws and regulations that may affect your 401(k) plan?
20 Please provide any other information you would like us to know that may aid in the evaluation of your plan.

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